Book Review – The Fighting Season by Bram Connolly

Posted: 19/06/2016 in Book Reviews

 The Fighgting season

“Bram Connolly is Chris Ryan with an Aussie twang” – Liam Saville, Author of the military crime thrillers Resolute Action and Predator Strike.

The Fighting Season, an exciting first novel by breakout Aussie author, Bram Connolly, is due to hit the shelves in late July and is set to explode. A few weeks ago I was given an advanced review copy of his book by Connolly’s publishers, and somewhat foolishly I added it to my “to be read” pile behind a couple of other novels. Had I known then what I know now, I’d have dropped those other books in a heartbeat and jumped head first into this one.

Connolly is a former Australian special forces officer who served several tours in Afghanistan. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal for leadership in combat, and makes full use of this experience to bring a refreshing and authentic new voice to the military thriller genre.

In The Fighting Season, Connolly introduces the reader to Matt Rix, an Australian Army officer and the commander of Yankee Platoon of the 2nd Commando Regiment, who along with his troops is midway through a tour of Afghanistan as an element of the Australian Special Operations Taskgroup. From the opening scenes, the reader is treated to an insider’s account of life as a special forces operator. Although never slow or dull, The Fighting Season has an almost memoir-like feel it that quickly drew me into the action and the plight of Rix and his platoon. I particularly enjoyed Connolly’s depiction of the intensity, confusion, and pace of modern warfighting, which he has served up with biting reality, as well as his depiction of the rivalry between the Australian SAS and Commandos.

I highly recommend this book to fans of fast paced action thrillers by the likes of Andy McNab, Matthew Rielly, or Mark Abernethy. Bram Connolly is Chris Ryan with an Aussie twang, and The Fighting Season is an absolute winner.


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