Book Review – A Dangerous Element by Gregory S. Lamb

Posted: 22/01/2014 in Book Reviews


A contemporary military thriller that keeps you turning pages

Author Gregory S. Lamb, a retired USAF Colonel, has drawn upon a wealth of personal knowledge and experience to create this believable, contemporary, military thriller.  With a strong protagonist, and interesting cast of support characters, Lamb takes the reader on a roller coaster ride involving a compromised US plot to disable Iran’s nuclear enrichment facilities, an attempted government cover-up, and enough action and intrigue to make the book hard to put down.   

When an ultra-secret US computer virus is found embedded in the closed computer network of an Iranian uranium enrichment facility, elements of US government scramble to cover their tracks. Colonel Mark “Coolhand” Reynalds, a former combat pilot, finds himself over his head in the middle of the melee, caught in the crossfire, and targeted by elements of his own government.  Thrust into action, Coolhand goes off the grid and is forced to take matters into his own hands in order to save himself and prevent thermonuclear war.     

Lamb’s writing style is enjoyable, and his pacing held my attention.  The plot is engrossing, the book well-written, and he certainly knows his way around the US Military machine; however I still felt like some pieces of the puzzle were missing.  For me, a few questions where left unanswered around the background of the protagonist’s direct involvement in the action, and this is the only reason I haven’t given this one five stars.  None-the-less, “A Dangerous Element” is a highly entertaining thriller, and well worth a read.

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(A Dangerous Element will be available from Amazon on 13 March, 2014)


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