Book Review – Empty Places by Martin Roy Hill

Posted: 25/11/2013 in Book Reviews

Crime writing at its best

Every so often you come across an author whose work you just connect with—Martin Roy Hill is one such author. 

Empty Places is Hill’s second full length novel, his first, The Killing Depths, was published in 2012. On this occasion Hill has chosen to write in the first person, and his prose is excellent.  His sentences flow naturally, his dialogue is compelling, and he has an easy style that ensures that the writing doesn’t get in the way of the story.

It’s 1987, and Peter Brandt, an investigative reporter with an international news agency, returns to his former home in the desert city of Palm Springs, to bury his ex-wife, television reporter Robin Anderson.  What Brandt discovers upon his return is that Anderson has been brutally murdered, and that the local cops are less than enthusiastic about investigating the crime.  Teaming up with his old friend, retired cop, Matt Banyon, Brandt sets about conducting his own investigation, and soon the two of them are drawn into a complex web of violence, lies, and corruption. The twists and turns are many, and Hill cleverly keeps you guessing until the very end.          

Martin Roy Hill has done a fantastic job of telling this well-crafted and very compelling story.  I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves good crime fiction.

Empty places


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