The Dream Boat – By Luke Mogelson

Posted: 18/11/2013 in Uncategorized

If you’ve have read my latest book, Resolute Action, you’ll know that its central theme is people smuggling.  It’s a controversial topic to say the least, and one that is in the news here in Australia at least every couple of days.

While conducting the research for my book I read many articles, papers, and briefing notes on the topic.  I also made a point of watching every news story and documentary I could get hold of, including a couple of fantastic programs by the ABC’s Four Corners program. An exercise, that I hope, gave my work just a little bit of realism.

None of the articles I read, or programs I saw, came even close to the quality of this powerful, yet disturbing, New York Times Magazine article by Luke Mogelson, titled The Dream Boat.

If you’ve read my book and wondered about the authenticity of the scenes set in the Indian Ocean, or you simply want to get a better understanding of what life is like at sea for the thousands of asylum seekers who travel to Australia by boat, Mogelson’s article is a must read.

To view the Article on the New York Times Magazine website, Click Here


Nearing Christmas Island, the boat was met by sailors from the Australian Navy. The asylum
seekers pleaded with Australian sailors to take a suffering passenger aboard.
(Photo – JOEL VAN HOUDT, New York Times Magazine)


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