Resolute Action & the Bulding People Love to Hate

Posted: 09/10/2013 in Uncategorized


“Ryan pushed the button for apartment 124 on the panel by the door, and after a short chat over the intercom, the front door clicked open, allowing him entry into the stylish residential building.  Built on the northern foreshore of Sydney Harbour, Blues Point Tower had been built in the 1960’s at the very tip of McMahons Point and was one of those buildings, that despite its commanding harbour views, people just loved to hate.”    

Designed by famed Australian architect Harry Seidler, Blues Point Tower was completed in 1962, and until 1970 was the tallest residential building in the country.  It commands one of the best views of our beautiful harbour, yet is considered by many to be an ugly blight on the landscape.

Blues Point Tower appears in my latest book, Resolute Action as home to the murder victim, leading Seaman Nathan McDonald.

Cover - Resolute Action

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  1. Interesting choosing this “loved to hate” building for the victim residence, symbolic for the victim whom some just “loved to hate”.

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