Resolute Action – Kings Cross at night

Posted: 11/09/2013 in Uncategorized


As a reader I love seeing pictures of the places described in the books I read.  Here’s the opening paragraph of my new book Resolute Action, and a sample of the real thing.

“By 0330 hours, Kings Cross was a zoo! Endless streams of intoxicated youth staggered along Darlinghurst Road, some too drunk to walk straight while others, so full of alcohol-fuelled bravado, were picking fights with anybody who looked in their direction. Around the corner in Bayswater Road, more sat, practically comatose in the gutters between rows of parked cars, heads on their knees over pools of vomit, and all totally oblivious to what was going on around them. Even the stylish black granite footpaths that lined the streets looked worse for wear, covered in the filth, rubbish, and the remnants of 15,000 people’s big night out. This was the seedy side of Sydney—the side that most people never saw, the side that would never be a picture in a glossy tourist magazine; yet this was the scene that was played out every weekend in what was the city’s most notorious nightspot.” 

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  1. Just going back through your last year post, pictures are great feed and tool inspiring the plot. Zd

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