24hr Snap Sale!

Posted: 15/04/2013 in Uncategorized

With my new book Resolute Action due out soon I can’t think of a better time to hold an unplanned, unannounced, 24hr snap sale than right now!

So, for the next twenty-four hours the Kindle version of Predator Strike has been reduced to just $0.99 a saving of $2.00 on its usual price.

Don’t have a Kindle, no worries, you can download a free kindle reading app for your phone, tablet or computer here.

But what, you want more!  Okay how’s this, the first ten people to email me at liamsavilleauthor@gmail.com with a copy of the Amazon confirmation that shows they bought  Predator Strike during the sale period will receive a free gift copy of Resolute Action, by email on the day it is released.  That’s right, just be one of the first ten to email to me a copy of the Amazon confirmation and you’ll get both books for just $0.99.

Sounds like a pretty cool deal to me, just be quick, the clock is ticking!

Amazon Tab


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