Book Review – White Gold, by Rachel Amphlett

Posted: 11/02/2013 in Book Reviews

An Exciting Modern Thriller

White Gold is a slick environmental thriller that ticks all the boxes.  Its fast paced intriguing plot, international setting, and well developed characters draw the reader in right from the opening pages; holding them in suspense until its explosive end.

Haunted by his experiences in Iraq, geologist and former army explosive ordinance technician, Dan Taylor has spent the last few years of his life marking time; picking up odd pieces of work here and there, and travelling the globe but generally lying low.  That changes however when an old friend, Doctor Peter Edgewater reaches out for his help and is promptly killed before Dan has a chance to assist.  Learning that his friend’s demise was likely linked to his work, Dan teams up with Peter’s ex-wife, journalist Sarah Edgewater, and using Peter’s research notes as their guide the two embark on a personal quest to uncover the truth.

With properties that could make coal burning power stations redundant the mysterious “white gold” is a substance that has everybody interested—from some of the world’s wealthiest mining magnates to various governments. The technology is there, and it has the ability to make or break great fortunes, but how far would someone go to control it?

Globe-trotting between the UK, Australia, and Singapore, Dan and Sarah’s quest is an exhilarating action packed ride that doesn’t let up.  My only criticism is that on occasion the author asks her readers to suspend their belief just a little too much.  At times I found the plot a little forced, with Dan doing things the hard way for no apparent reason other than to increase the action in the scene.  I’m all for explosive over the top action, but for me it has to make sense and a couple of times I felt a little let down here.  Overall however, I highly recommend this book.  It’s a very good read, and I’m looking forward to Rachel Amphlett’s next thriller.

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